Saffron Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd is one of the leading and most inveterate health care company committed to manufacturing and marketing innovative medicines, to prevent and cure diseases and to augment the quality of life. Saffron came into being in 1997 as a marketing company and extends its pedigree to every suburb of Pakistan. Today by the decree of Almighty it has achieved a remarkable repute as a major player of Pharmaceuticals industry.

Pursuant to its corporate philosophy of striving for continuous improvement, betterment & higher standards, Saffron has established state-of-the-art purpose built manufacturing facility in 2006 located at Sheikhupura road in Faisalabad strictly adhered to the cGMP norms set by WHO and Ministry of Health (MOH) of Pakistan. Saffron started manufacturing operations in its own plant in 2007 to employ novel technology to produce top quality pharmaceutical products.

The plant is equipped with the modern high-tech PLC controlled machines and integrated packaging lines to be efficient. The plant is designed to manage high volume in all dosage forms viz. Tablets (psychotropic, general, antibiotic and hormone), Capsules (psychotropic and general), Sachets (general), Oral Liquids, Sterile liquids (ampoules & vials), and topical preparations like creams, ointments, lotions, gel and nasal spray. Soft gel Capsules plant will also start production in May 2019. A seprate and completely dedicated plant Cephlosporin is recently completed, which will come to operation in July 2019. It will cover all range of Ceph products.

Saffron with a team of technical and scientific employees has maintained high standards, critical limits, uncompromising quality and continuous research on the development of new products. The company has progressively extended to encompass a work force of over 1050 employees. Our executive panel is comprised entirely of independent directors. Each of them provides a unique business perspective, experience and skills, all valuable to the Company. The board plays a vital oversight role, which fosters shareholder value and affects stakeholder confidence, through discussions with senior leaders covering a wide range of matters including strategy, financial performance, compliance and public policy.

Our leading portfolio of products and medicines encloses life itself – concentrating on vital health requirements from childhood to the geezer hood.