Saffron pharmaceutical has state-of-the-art, validated water treatment plant to obtain the water for injection (WFI) and purified water for the manufacturing of quality products. Water treatment system operates at the first stage with chlorine injector in the water from turbine at the conc. of not more than 5ppm. Then water is subjected to the sand filter with a flow capacity of 300L/min for pre-filtration. Water is then passed through the water softener with a flow rate of 10 m3/ hr and then through RO plant equipped with 6 columns of membrane filters with a flow capacity of 5000L/hr. It is then subjected to deionizer for the manufacturing of purified water which is used in non sterile products. For sterile products/operations this purified water is further treated in distillation unit to obtain water for injection. Purified water and water for injection are continuously circulated and maintained through loops in every utility points and temperature is maintained at 80°C. Heat exchangers are also present to low down the temperature of purified water and water for injection at the utility point.