SAFFRON Pharmaceuticals is a prestigious, state-of-the-art and leading pharmaceutical company engaged in marketing and manufacturing of diverse dosage forms with dedicated facilities such as Tablets, Capsules, Sachets, Low volume paranterals, Large volume paranterals, steroidal and non steroidal cream/ointments, oral liquids, Nasal sprays and lotion Preparations etc. The firm has been licensed by MOH Pakistan for the following sections.

  • Oral Solid Dosage Section
  • General Tablet/Capsule/Sachet Section
  • Antibiotic Tablet Section
  • CNS/Narcotics Tablet/Capsule Section
  • Hormone Tablet Section

Liquid Injectable Section

  • Low volume Parenterals (ampoules and Vials)
  • Large volume Parenterals (Infusions)

Topical Section

  • Steroid Cream/Ointment Section
  • Non steroid Cream/Ointment Section
  • Nasal/Lotion Preparation

Oral Liquid Section

  • Syrup and suspensions

The Plant is fully equipped with technical personnel with the qualification of Pharm D., M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. and latest high speed Machineries/equipments. The technical staff ensures the implementation of all technical procedures in order to ensure the adherence to QMS throughout the productions processes so as to produce and market the quality products for the saffron’s end customer. Saffron Pharmaceutical supports entire manufacturing operations through modern systems.